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Critical Reflection

I moved 7 times before I turned 16.  This made me a great observer and quick to reflect and grow.  I learned how to adjust to new situations which has made me not so quick to make assumptions when presented with a new idea, thought or culture.  I received my first Black Belt in World Federation Tai Kwan Do at the age of 17 and what I learned was not about flipping someone bigger than me or breaking a board, it taught me to be detailed oriented and focused.  The attention to details and not accepting things as they are, but rather being willing to figure out new ways to achieve a goal or understand a new community has let me be open-minded and therefore makes it easier for me to find new connections.  All of these traits have proven to be helpful when needing to communicate and find a target audience during my communications studies.  Because of my open mind, attention to detail, research-oriented mind and ability to do well under pressure, crisis communications and media law are two sectors I think I would be successful in.  

One of the easiest ways to explain and show what I have learned this past year can be seen under archives, as it shows how I have learned to use data analytics to develop and support a campaign. While ideas can be great, it has no value or importance unless it can be visually supported. The MA International Public Relations and Global Communications (PR&GCM) programme at Cardiff University has taught me not only how to conduct research to gather this data, but how to showcase it in a meaningful way as well. Proof of this can be seen in the Digital Research Methods portfolio, campaign analytics assignment, and International Public Relation’s practice individual and group assignment. Through all of these assignments I’ve learned that the data one finds have no meaning until you give it one, and no matter how much meaning you give it, has no impact unless using it with a specific audience in mind.


As I have looked back over the work I produced for my undergraduate degree, I see how my BA gave me the tools to come up with the campaign ideas, and my MA gave the tools to execute and support it successfully. And while my knowledge has grown vastly over the past four years, I know there is still so much to learn.

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